We at Globe Trekkers firmly believe that logistics is a people business.

We foster an excellence culture, but without our employees it would mean absolutely nothing. Our employees are committed, passionate and understand and live supply chain excellence. In return, we recognize their efforts, empower them to be supply chain masters and encourage a culture of collaboration.

We have a very diverse team of individuals. They bring their passion to their day-to-day work delivering the utmost to make our customer happy and their supply chains run smoothly and efficiently. Our people are highly talented and committed individuals; business leaders, supply chain professionals, experts in their fields, should it be logistics, sales, finance, procurement, human resources or IT. They work hard, are entrepreneurial and creative, think solutions, not problems. They are collaborative and passionate about their work and values we deliver to our customers. They are excited about what we as a team can achieve.

If you would like to pursue a career with us, please fill out our application form, if your job aspirations match our hiring criteria, we will contact you shortly.